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Raj Sharda

General Manager

I’m Raj Sharda, Real Estate Agent, specializing in first time home buying & self-sustaining investment properties. With 15+ years of personal & professional Real Estate Investment Experience, I have seen almost every scenario. My goal for myself & for my clients is to maximize the potential in the Real Estate so it could lead to financial independence. FI simply means being able to live off the income of your own resources & maintain or improve your lifestyle as you choose.
You can take advantage of my rich experience in Real Estate to acquire properties that fit your needs like a hand in a glove. I also help my clients to maximize the sale price of their property by deploying my proven 9-Step Dynamic Marketing Strategy.
I have a 12-point checklist to make sure that whatever potential buyers are looking for, is present (or provided) in the property that we plan to market. This ensures that I can get you the best possible, above market value for your property which translates to more $$$ in your pocket.
I believe more $$$ (for selling) or saved $$$(for buying) generates Happy & Satisfied Clients. These clients are retained for life and generate repeat business & referrals which in turn translates to more business and a great level of personal satisfaction for me & my team.
If you are in the market to Buy or Sell Real Estate, please get in touch with me before you hire any Relator so that you can compare what I have to offer. You will be glad you did! Real Estate is a serious business & one of the most important financial transactions of most people’s life, make it count for you & get the most out of it.

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